Mum and Police speak about Dangerous NEW What won't you swerve? bike craze

Mum and Police speak about Dangerous NEW What won't you swerve? bike crazeLesley Belcher from Borehamwood

A mother warns other mums of a Dangerous new Craze in New Video with Herts police


Working with the force, Lesley Belcher from Borehamwood explains how her son – Paul – played the swerve the car ‘game’ and talks about the consequences it had for him.


Her Son Paul was involved in a collision with a car when he played the game in Park Street in October last year (2017). The video went viral after Lesley felt prompted to release footage of the incident to act as a warning to others.


“The impact of such a stupid ‘game’ could have been a loss of life in so many situations,” said Lesley. “When he walked through the door and looked at me, I just thought ‘you’re so stupid’.”



The footage posted by Lesley Hooper, from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, shows her son, 14, performing a "swerve wheelie" on his bike on the wrong side of the road in St Albans.


Lesley hopes the video will highlight the very real dangers of playing such a dangerous game. She said Paul and those in the car were very lucky to have come away with relatively minor injuries.


Paul’s bicycle was completely destroyed and it cost over £1,200 to fix the car, which his mum had to pay for.


Maxine McMurdie And what about the trauma caused to the drivers? these kids should be made to meet and talk with the drivers that they scare the hell out of.


A neighbour said " I was shown the video before you uploaded it and expected the ending to be a lot worse. He is very lucky he and the driver didn't get hurt or worse."


Sergeant Leah McDermott from the Borehamwood Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “This so-called ‘game’ just doesn’t make sense. Those who attempt to swerve in front of cars are not only putting themselves in real danger, but also those in the vehicles.


“The consequences could be severe and I would like to thank Lesley for working with us in producing this film and being so honest about her and her son’s experience, which I hope will discourage others of considering doing the same.”


Sgt McDermott added: “I and other officers don’t want to have to knock on a child’s parent’s door to tell them that their child has been seriously injured or worse. This ‘game’ must stop.”


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