Moment Boy Collides into oncoming car during a NEW wheelie stunt craze

Moment Boy Collides into on comming car during a NEW wheelie stunt crazeWheelie Boy Crashes into Car

A mother warns other mums by sharing video she found of her son performing a Dangerous new Craze


The footage posted by Lesley Hooper, from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, shows her son, 14, performing a "wheelie" on his bike on the wrong side of the road in St Albans.


Ok so my child has been playing this stupid swerve the car game. He was hit by a car in Borehamwood today.


The video posted on Monday had many responses.

Maxine McMurdie And what about the trauma caused to the drivers? these kids should be made to meet and talk with the drivers that they scare the hell out of.


A neighbour said " I was shown the video before you uploaded it and expected the ending to be a lot worse. He is very lucky he and the driver didn't get hurt or worse."


the mum continued..

I had no idea my child was this stupid !!! Luckily he only has bruises.


Please if u have teenagers show them this video and how dangerous this game can be.


I am thankful that he is only bruised but so worried that someone is going to get seriously hurt or dead, not only the rider but the driver.


This car had a child and a pregnant mum they could have been killed, she could have lost her child due to a stupid game.


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