Resident killed in Watford Flat engulfed by Fire

fire at Longcroft WCHT Fire Emergency Services

There was a fire at Longcroft in the early hours of this morning ended with a fatality


Female resident named and respects paid.

WCHT today announced on their front page as "Longcroft – incident of fire" even thoug a Resident was killed as fire engulfed the flat.


They are working closely with an investigation with Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue are ongoing.


Watford Community Housing Trust staff were on site after the incident.


Another fire broke out in Hare Street, near Buntingford, and fire engines from Royston and Stortford attended the scene today (July 9). Pic credit Google maps


Ben Johnson, director of operations at WCHT:

“Sadly, there has been a fatality following a fire that took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning in one of our Longcroft sheltered flats.


“Our thoughts are with the family of the victim and we would like to offer our deepest sympathies at this difficult time. We are working with them to provide all the help and support we can.


“Our staff were on site quickly following the incident and we have maintained a presence at Longcroft throughout the day in order to provide reassurance and assistance to residents.


I would encourage anyone who has any concerns to call us on 0800 218 2247.”


28 Oct 2016 - Elderly man treated for smoke inhalation after flat fire in Longcroft
12 Feb 2009 - Police probe 'petrol bomb' attack on Longcroft flat


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