Pokémon Go launches in Essex and Hertfordshire

Pokemon Go also surpassed the number of Twitter users within 3 days of its launch which is phenomenal for a virtual reality game.

The game is now available in the United Kingdom and Germany after being launched in the United States, Australia and New Zealand last week.

Pokémon Go launches in Essex and Hertfordshire

He then launched Niantic Labs inside Google to focus on next-gen games, and spun it out as a separate company a year ago.

With the game installed on your smartphone, it uses your GPS to detect where you are. You play by walking around the real world catching these cutesy little virtual monsters using Augmented Reality - you can actually "see" them via your phone camera. You can refuel at Pokestops - usually local landmarks - and teams fight each other to claim ownership of the Gyms. When you visit an opposing Gym, you can fight Pokémon to attempt a takeover.

Wrote Chris Kramer, Vice President of Fortyseven Communications, “The team is now heads down working on the game”. I’ve seen families walking around hunting Pokemon, groups of people of all ages huddled around an in-game “Pokemon” Lure, and a bunch of friends running down Mead Street yelling, “There’s a Bulbasaur over here!” A spokeswoman did answer basic questions, such as denying the company has decided on a launch date for “Pokemon Go” in Japan. This recent success may probably encourage the use of other similar Nintendo owned characters such as Mario for mobile gaming.

The Pokemon Go app, has been downloaded more times in a week than the dating app Tinder has in its four years of existence, with Nintendo having to pause the game’s global roll-out, in order to boost server capacity.

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