WBC launches new electric rent-a-car scheme for residents

Watford's Mayor Peter Taylor with the new Renault e-cars

In partnership with E-Car Club residents can have the opportunity to hire electric cars.


The choice of three electric Renault ZOE 40KwH hatchbacks.


They can be booked for an hour or several days at a time.


The award-winning cars have an average range of 150 - 180 miles per charge. Which covers the majority of day-to-day journeys.


The vehicles are specially adapted to include an RFID card access system, meaning the cars can be booked online (or via the free E-Car Club mobile app) and used by several different people throughout the day at a cost of just £6.50 per hour, or £60 for 24 hours.


They are completely electric, so there are no additional fuel costs to worry about. Insurance is even included in this price and the minimum membership age is 19-years-old.


These cars can be booked by residents for use during the weekday evenings and weekends


Elected Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said: “We have been working successfully with E-Car Club since 2014 with just over 100 members of our staff signed up to the scheme. I am committed to providing local residents with alternative, sustainable travel options to travel around the town and the E-Car is one of these methods. Residents can book and use the electric car for a low cost, conveniently and quickly. I hope this scheme encourages more of our residents to travel by electric car.”


Patrick Cresswell, Managing Director at E-Car Club commented “We are delighted to give Watford residents the opportunity to integrate electric vehicles into their everyday lives through E-Car which offers a self-service, low cost and low emission car club. It’s a flexible solution for drivers who don’t want to commit to car ownership but need access to a car from time to time. We hope this scheme will encourage car owners to consider using the service as an alternative to vehicle ownership. And that should result in fewer cars on the road, and ultimately reducing emissions and congestion.”


E-Car Club is promoting a special introductory offer which includes discounted lifetime membership (£15 normally £50) plus £15 free driving credit.

Simply visit: ecarclub.co.uk/join and enter code: WAT219 to claim this offer.



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