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Met Police join online craze the mannequin challenge
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Kingston police have joined in the latest online craze - the mannequin challenge - taking up frozen poses as a camera swooped around the scene of them at work making arrests and training for dance moves.

The stunt was set up to raise awareness for the Met’s Christmas charity project, which gives presents to children in care over Christmas.

It shows cops in a police van, one inspecting a bike and what looks like plain-clothes officers arresting a man drinking tea.

The scene ends with two police officers trying to teach the other a dance move.

The officer showing how to dance was PC Dan Graham, otherwise know as known as the ‘world’s best dancing cop’, who found fame in May when a clip of him dancing went viral online.

How you can give a gift:

Londoners can give a gift by taking a tagged ribbon from a tree on your borough or at Hyde Park police station, and following the instructions on the tag.

You can also visit the online virtual Met Christmas tree.

Members of the public can also donate money if they are unable to buy a gift by visiting the Just Giving webpage.


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