England Soccer Team Celebrates Goal With a Mannequin Challenge

England Soccer Team Celebrates Goal With a Mannequin Challenge

Not to be outdone, their opponents replied with their own version


The optical trick has gradually been seeping into professional sports since breaking as a viral video sensation at the end of October, and the challenge has now permeated the England national team.

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In the friendly match against Spain at London’s Wembley Stadium, Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy scored a goal putting England in the lead at 2-0. Instantly after the goal, he froze in the style of the trend that has hit social media in the U.S., and was joined by teammates Theo Walcott and Raheem Sterling in celebratory poses.


However, the England side’s celebrations were perhaps a little premature, as the match ended on a 2-2 tie. Spain later responded with their own version of the Challenge in their changing room, featuring two players declaring the words ‘Viva España’ and the rest of the team frozen in various hilarious poses.



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