BBC News broadcast Live from Watford, on Brexit Four Weeks on...

BBC News broadcast Live from Watford, on Brexit Four Weeks on...
One month after Britain voted to leave the EU, how are people in the UK feeling about it?

Ben Brown was in Watford to find out. Here the Brexit win was won by a small margin of just three hundred votes.

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With the announcement that The new minister in charge of Brexit says the UK should be able to formally trigger its departure from the EU "before or by the start of next year".

Deputy Mayor wanted remain, says it will be aquard and complicated for businesses.

One woman who hoped she might get intervied, said she voted out because of "Turkey to be joining the EU, allowing men who assault and rape women like they are also doing in Germany.
And also the Jihadi / muslim terrorists INSIDE Europe allowed to enter EU migh get into UK and blow up, stab, maim and kill or drive over people.

Mustafa Demirdağ, the head of Turkey's Supreme Court of Appeals said as many as 3,000 cases had been recorded, including incidences involving children.
"Thousands of rapists and sexual abusers in Turkey avoid jail time by marrying their victims"
Germany has recently passed a new 'No means No' rape law to comabt the gang rape by immmigrants..

Ben Brown spoke to Brexit Voters in Watford

Ben Brown reporting live as he spoke to Brexit Voters.

Ben Brown BBC News broadcast Live about to interview gary ling from Watford, on Brexit Four Weeks on

Gary Ling from Watford who did an article on brexit

BBC News Live Broadcast Van

BBC News Live Broadcast Van

Watford had seen LeaveEU and REMAIN campaigns in the Town months before

The EU referendum Reality Check verdict: It's far from clear that there's any legal requirement for a second referendum and, even if there were, the referendum lock could be repealed.

The European Union Act 2011, passed by the coalition government, created a so-called "referendum lock". Its purpose was to create a legal requirement to hold a referendum if any proposal were made to transfer further powers from the UK to the EU.

However, because of the way the Act is worded, some people have argued that it could be used to force a second referendum before the UK leaves the EU. It says that any new treaty that amends or replaces one of the existing primary EU treaties should be subject to a referendum before it can be ratified.



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