Teaching assistant suspended by school over 'designer vagina' boosted sex life interview

Teaching assistant suspended by school over 'designer vagina' boosted sex life interviewShe decided to take the treatment after breaking up with her husband of 10 years.(Image: Facebook)

A 37-year-old teacher from Manchester, told she has been suspended from her job after an interview to a magazine saying she got a 'designer vagina' after she broke up with her husband of ten years.


Kimberley Hanson 37, who is a single mother to four worked as a teaching assistant to kids in the age group of 4 to 5.


She explained that the “designer vagina” had given her self-confidence a boost and made her sex life amazing.


After her interview describing her Nu-V treatment to tighten the inside and outside of her vagina published in a leading magazine, her headmaster called her up to say that she was being suspended from her job because he was 'shocked and disgusted'.


According to her the treatment that cost her around £500 cured her stress and boosted her sex life.


The £500 procedure involved using plastic implants to restore damaged vaginal walls.


A spokesperson for The Women's Health Clinic has supported the mother in a statement. "No-one should be treated badly for speaking out about their own medical issues. We believe if women had more information about their bodies and what is "normal" then this type of information would not be taboo in the first place."


"It's why we've launched a campaign for more information on women's health from school upwards."

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