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X Factor's Rak-Su are swamped by excited fans during their homecoming to Watford

X Factor's Rak-Su are swamped by excited fans during their homecoming to Watford RAK-SU signed autographs and posed for pictures.

Watford's Xfactor Boy band 'Rak-Su' returned to fans waiting back in their hometown Watford.


They are just days away from the show's grand finale this weekends competition's grand finale.. (see X-factor performance)


Rak-Su have topped the iTunes chart with I'm Feeling You, and are also at number eight with their cover of Flowers.



Rak-Su have known each other for 16 years, but not much idea until they lived together for The X Factor. Living in such close proximity can come with its problems, and Mustafa felt the wrath of his band mates when his snoring got too much.


When it comes to supportive celebs on the X Factor, none means more to finalists Rak-Su that that of former judge Cheryl.

‘For someone like Cheryl, who’s been on the same journey that we’re on at the moment, turns around and says you’re doing the right thing… Obviously working on the X Factor and knowing some of the biggest artists in the world, for her to say she wants us to win, I guess it means we’ve actually got a good shot at making a successful career out of this,’ they said.


Even as they’re telling Metro.co.uk about the support of Cheryl – actual Cheryl Tweedy – their sentences start and stop as if they can hardly gather their thoughts on the idea that Cheryl wants them to win, and unable to get their heads around the fact that they could, in fact, win this thing.


They gave a home-coming performance during halftime at Watfords match game between manchester United.

RAK-SU signed autographs and posed for pictures.RAK-SU from Watford



The Rak-Su sound is eclectic and ranges from future R&B to Hip-Hop & Grime.



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