Governments Secret Surveillance Spying on every online users data

Governments Secret Surveillance Spying on every online users data

Twitter suing the US Government for Spy Agency Surveillance


Twitter Inc. broke ranks and sued the U.S. for blocking it from publicizing more information about spy agency orders for user data after Google Inc. and other technology giants agreed to follow government disclosure rules.


The government’s agreement with Google Inc., Facebook Inc., LinkedIn Corp., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. was reached after they sued the Washington-based Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which operates mostly in secret and issues warrants for collection of foreign intelligence inside the U.S.  Story from financialpost

The data we create about ourselves should be owned by each of us, not by the large companies that harvest it, the Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, said today.  Story from The Guardian


“These restrictions constitute an unconstitutional prior restraint and content-based restriction on, and government viewpoint discrimination against, Twitter’s right to speak about information of national and global public concern.” Story from independent


BBC Horizon Inside the Dark Web 2014-2015

Twenty-five years after the world wide web was created, it is now caught in the greatest controversy of its existence: surveillance.

BBC Horizon looks into the dark web. With the introduction of the internet, our lives became easy and comfortable. We could gather lots of information from anywhere in the world or in whatever topic within the premises of our home. In no time all our transactions and personal information were out there on the web and people are now realizing that their personal data might no longer be personal as it could be easily tapped by the government. It is strange that we have ourselves volunteered to be tracked down by the government. Welcome to the era of the dark web when your data can be easily stolen by none other than the government itself and that too without your consent. We are under surveillance 24/7.

We now have high tech devices installed at home like auto lights on, sensory thermostats and other objects that can be connected to the internet, but at a huge risk of your personal data.

They will know what you are doing, where you are and all your actions. If you are using a wifi or the wifi in your phone is on, then you can be tracked.

The GCHQ is already diverting all your information in the optic cables, they are making two copies of the optic cable signal, one of which they use for their surveillance. Bitcoin is giving nightmares to the authorities and is emerging as a new black market in the dark web. It is not controlled by the government nor the banks but it is run by encrypted algorithms.

The FBI tried to crack this site and was partially successful, but the Bitcoin emerged yet again and is booming. There is a battle going on for who will be the future ruler of the internet.



Seven ISPs from around the world have now taken legal action and making a formal complaint.

A statement from Charles Farr, the director general of Security and Counter Terrorism, explained how collecting and data mining tweets, Google and YouTube searches and Facebook posts was permitted by law due to their classification as 'external communications'.


The report, made public as part of a legal challenge by numerous civil liberties organisations against the government, classifies external communications as those sent and received outside "British Islands", regardless of whether it passes through the British Islands during transit.


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