Timberlake car park Taken Over by Travellers

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Travellers Fill car park with their Caravans in North Watford


Today Saturday Police were alerted to a group of Travellers who had parked a dozen caravans in a Car park.


A dozen caravans take up the car park. Right next to the Rugby Club and Balmoral Business estate.



At around 2:30pm Police arrived at the Timberlake Car park on Radlett Road, Watford.

In the video it can be seen they try to move the caravan, but for reasons unknown.


So far there were Twelve Caravans with vatious families with children.



Police were friendly whilst taking details of the vehicles.

They left at 4pm giving a handshake and wave goodbye.



Justine Hoy, Head of Environmental Health for the council: “We are aware of an illegal encampment on Radlett Road. The police and the council are working together to take action.


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