Leggatts Green Park now Targeted by Fly Tippers ruining aesthetics of area.

Watford News 30th August 2016

Leggatts Green now Targeted by Fly Tippers ruining aesthetics of area just weeks after Travellers left a massive £7,000 worth of damage has been caused in clear up operation said Mr Peach.

On Monday when this video was taken, there was also a large amount rubbish strewn in the hedrow bushes. It seemed as if travellers had returned at some point, or maybe some cowboy builders had managed to drive onto the field.

How they got on to the land is a mytery as all entrances to the field appear to be secure.
There is one access point which can only is not eay to enter, and would have to be a narrow vehicle such as a small transit van.

Jacqueline Cheung said: “We are now making arrangements to erect drop-down bollards at the entrance in order to help prevent unlawful access to this land in the future.”

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