Grenfell residents call for ignorant council to stand down as ashes blow onto streets

Residents have been calling for the tower to be hidden, gusts of wind are blowing ashes out of the building.

Residents have been calling for the tower to be hidden, gusts of wind are blowing ashes out of the building..


UPDATE Sep 19 - A total of 60 people who died in the fire have now been formerly identified plus baby Logan who was stillborn afterwards. The number of people who are believed to have died remains at about 80. The final figure will not be known until the end of the search, recovery and identification processes, but officers believe the final figure may not be as high as 80.


So far the investigation has identified 2,400 different people to speak to, including residents, firefighters, police officers and other witnesses. More than 1,000 statements have been taken. 

A total of 670 firefighters that were involved in the rescue effort have been identified, 340 police officers and a similar number of ambulance staff. They will all have statements taken. From those police officers, 340 Body Worn Video clips have been downloaded and they have all been viewed.

More than 2,500 exhibits have been seized so far, many from within the tower.


Update :

Michael Lockwood has told a public meeting on Wednesday that the charred building, in North Kensington in London, would be covered in August.


He said that he expected the demolition of the tower block, where at least 80 people died in the fire on 14 June, would begin "towards the end of 2018".


He added that some possessions could be retrieved from 33 of the block's flats.


The criminal investigation into the building - which requires material to be collected - could go on until January.


The covering of the 24-storey tower block will use scaffolding, which Mr Lockwood said would aid workers in demolishing the building.


Detectives investigating the Grenfell Tower fire have “reasonable grounds” to suspect that corporate manslaughter offences.

In the latest edition of the Grenfell Response newsetter revealed the three stages of the process: Shoring up the building structure, erecting scaffolding to allow debris and possessions to be removed; and then finally putting up a cover.



This work will start in the next few weeks and will be completed by November.

Which is a very long time away.


Grenfell resident Edward Daffarn applauded as he calls for 'ignorant' council to stand down at angry public meeting



The state wants to crush the Grenfell residents' fight for truth because truth would bring the whole nation down.


Five weeks since the devastating fire which took the lives of at least 80 people at Grenfell Tower, and survivors say 'they're still living in limbo', with no homes, no possessions and no support.



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