Police officer is now under investigation after pushing a teenager from his bicycle.

CCTV footage has emerged of the moment Terrell was said to have been 'slammed' into the buildingCCTV footage has emerged of the moment Terrell was said to have been 'slammed' into the building

A teenager was pushed from his bicycle by Metropolitan Police officer investigating a robbery.


The 15-year-old was pushed from his bike while cycling along the pavement on Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey at about 9pm Tuesday 21 November, 2017.


Dramatic CCTV footage showed an officer “rugby tackle” Terrell from his bike before the teenager’s head smashed, knocked unconscious into the doorway of a chicken shop.


He sustained serious facial injuries as well as losing consciousness when his bicycle then collided with a doorway of a fast food restaurant.

CCTV footage has emerged of the moment Terrell was said to have been 'slammed' into the buildingHe suffered serious injuries (Picture: Shereen Jones)


Terrell’s mother Shereen Jones has since posted images of her son in King’s College hospital, his injuries included a broken jawbone and bleeding on the brain, on social media with the hashtag #JusticeForTerrell.


Today, the Independent Office for Police Conduct said the boy had been ruled out as a suspect in the robbery.


The incident was referred to the IOPC by the Metropolitan Police and an independentinvestigation began, looking at the officer’s use of force, the information available to police relating to the robbery, and the care offered to the teenager after the incident. The teenager is no longer under investigation by police connected to the robbery.


IOPC Regional Director for London, Jonathan Green said: “Our investigators have recovered CCTV footage from a number of different sources and angles, body worn video footage and video of the aftermath of the incident recorded by a member of the public.


“Footage confirms the teenager was pushed from his bicycle by an officer, who was deployed to the area as part of an investigation into a robbery of a mobile phone by a young person on a bicycle. The footage also captures the actions of the officer, his colleagues and some members of the public after the incident.


“Our investigators have taken a witness statement from the teenager, who has been discharged from hospital, of his account of the evening as well as taking statements from members of the public, officers who attended the scene and an initial account from the officer who pushed the teen. All of this information will help our investigator establish all the circumstances relating to this incident


“We are providing regular updates to the family on our progress as well as to the Metropolitan Police.


“We are still attempting to contact a number of other witnesses visible in the CCTV footage who may be able to assist with the investigation, and I urge anyone with information that might assist this investigation to contact us.”


At the time, Ms Jones, 35, a carer, said her son, a Year 11 Bacon’s College student, had not been in trouble with police before.


She said: “I get in the ambulance and all I can see is his face just shattered, just completely disfigured. He looked like a dead person, that’s how bad he looked. I almost didn’t recognise him. I burst into tears.”


Witnesses can contact the IOPC on 0800 029 4687 or southwarkparkroad@policeconduct.gov.uk

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